Sergeant/Adjutante Application

Templar Sergeant/Adjutante Application



Full Legal Name: *
Full Legal Name:
Spiritual Affiliation & Preferences *
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"Orderly Memberships," Affiliations, & Titles:
Membership in "Templar" Orders, Fraternal Societies or Historic Chivalric Orders (Check all that apply):
For each title, please share year issued, name of historical institution, and describe the basis for holding the title and any other interesting details which may relate to bringing your experience to our community.
Education, Training, Inititiations, Gifts, Mastery or life experience. Tell us about your academic education, military training, including Institution name, yrs of study/training/apprenticeship Degree/Diploma/Certification, and whatever details you discern relevant to mission/s, from your journey.
Volunteer/Participation Projects of Interest:
Please let us know if you are interested in specifically participating in the following projects/mission-related work (check all that relevant boxes, this is just general, to see who's in the field):
Number of hours available per month, to assist The Order on Missions:
Best available times to reach you or for activities, mission work etc.
Conflicts of Interest Certification: *
I hereby certify that if or when holding membership in any other Society, Fraternal Group, or other Organization, in the event that any related obligation arises which represents a clear and present conflict of interest incompatible with the rule of law, human rights or social justice missions of the Order, I am prepared to and hereby commit to resign from any such conflicting membership (check box):
I hereby certify that all information and materials provided are truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I hereby confirm my commitment to make all good faith efforts to live by the Code of Chivalry and the Templar Code, in accordance with the Acts and Laws of the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon. SIGNATURE: (Digitally "sign" by typing Full Legal name):


Ready to ride? Upon completion, you will be directed to your welcome page to download your intro materials and be updated with any  Network news, upcoming events, programs and current mission work. #KnightON #DameRIGHT #LetsRIDE  

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