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Your     P  roject Camelot     Network   Membership, as part of the larger Network  , allows you to support the mission, while joining kindred to connect, create/enjoy media, commerce, connection and tech as we grow as ONE.

Your Project Camelot Network Membership, as part of the larger Network, allows you to support the mission, while joining kindred to connect, create/enjoy media, commerce, connection and tech as we grow as ONE.

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COMING SOON TO A PLANET NEAR YOU: A Private-Member Media Network Because it is time to #change and #channel.

Project Camelot TV Network is a virtual network with the top hosts from radio along with whistleblowers, researchers and authors, doing what conventional TV refuses to do. Going where they dare not go... We will be a network by and for the people. Gathering the best information and unafraid to tell the truth and explore previously unexplored territory. Divergent. Insurgent. Defiant. A Network that believes that entertainment and enlightenment are not mutually exclusive. We will define awakening and bring our audience the best of what is out there. Because the truth is out there and in all of us.

Alternative Media with a difference. Pushing the envelope and revealing what it means to be human.

To begin with we will build off of the incredible success of internet radio. The wild west of the internet has spawned a great freedom where anyone can host their own radio show and invite guests and talk about anything and everything that they desire. This has opened up a mad community of creative endeavor worldwide. So too, with video and social media. The world is talking. And we are going to build on this freedom and expand upon it.

By gathering together top radio talk show hosts, researchers, authors and whistleblowers, we will expand upon the current trend going in an under utilized space -- internet TV -- and go Visual giving hosts tools that radio cannot provide. With the focus on handheld devices, phones, ipads, our audio only world moves into living color with all the attendant creativity that engenders.

The world is Watching. And the more connected we become the less likely we are to be deceived... We are banding together to change the world and ourselves. And Project Camelot TV fully intends to be on the forefront of that expansion.

Why NOW? Six major media companies control 90% of everything we read, watch and listen to.  With the success of the internet, we are entering a time where those in power positions due to money and the influence that comes with it no longer take center stage. The people are choosing what they want to watch, when and how. Camelot's success has come directly from this sea change in the marketplace. People increasingly, vote with their feet. They are leaving the networks in increasing numbers in search of truth and a desire for more...

What we intend to provide is an answer to mainstream network TV that incorporates the wild west of freedom of choice from the internet along with embracing the TV revolution evidenced by Youtube where everyone is a director and a producer. What is missing from this mix is a challenge to the major cable stations and networks in the area of scripted and unscripted series as well as news and commentary. It's time someone came along to supply content that utilizes a TV platform with all the advantages of the internet, focused on getting the truth out.

As a member of the Project Camelot TV Network as a Member, you'll not only have access to PC.TV, but will also enjoying access to ALL Member Networks, content and community connected to the Mothership Network. As part of a Global Private Member community, all Networks and Members are also contributing toward "Big Hit" Humanitarian and Mother Earth help and healing missions. JOIN US AS ONE — IT'S TIME TO #TurnON.