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PVOLT.IT : : A Media Mothership Association

Lightworkers of the world are hearing the call to broadcast their signal at this time. To light up, shine, share and connect like never before. The Gathering has begun. IT IS TIME! 

You can see it and you can feel it. In song, art, poetry, channelings, personal videos, photography, and more. Classes and workshops for healing and learning and awareness are flooding the digisphere, just as they were created and held in Ancient Egypt in their heightened spiritual age. It was commonplace and we are returning again to this place of sharing and seeking and growing.

The current means of using YouTube channels and Facebook groups/pages and isolated silos of pop-up “High-Vibe Media” Broadcasters/Networks, all competing for subscription fees and eyeballs, is chaotic. These are the current channels to get it out there and getting heard/seen/supported is a tremendous effort. The need for unification and organization is clear.

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#TurnON : : Advent Day TWO

Look behind today's door and one of today's Founding Members will get a copy of Heather Power's CD "UNDONE." Heather has the voice of an Angel and the energy to go with it. She is a vital inner-circle member of the Team and is working with the 11:11 Awakening Code Network and will be able to broadcast her own channel (so will YOU!) to create, produce and share Media that matters, that heals and uplifts. 

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#TurnON : : Advent Day ONE!

IT IS TIME TO #TurnON! Are you ready?? We are beginning our P-VOLT FOUNDING MEMBER ADVENT DRIVE DEC. 01 thru 31, 2015 so we can kick it in gear for 2016! We will be adding Networks and News/Info on each, every day this month. Get in here! THIS CLUBHOUSE IS GONNA ROCK!!! #nogoobersallowed

Inspired by my daughter's Trader Joe's 99¢ Advent Chocolate calender, I thought to look up "Advent" as a fun idea to roll out the Founding Membership drive starting today through the 31st, featuring Networks & Content to be included, as we roll them out and give-aways and goodies along the way for Tribe who come inside the clubhouse. Check out what it says underneath as example! "advent of television" LOL 

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