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#TurnON : : Advent Day ONE!

IT IS TIME TO #TurnON! Are you ready?? We are beginning our P-VOLT FOUNDING MEMBER ADVENT DRIVE DEC. 01 thru 31, 2015 so we can kick it in gear for 2016! We will be adding Networks and News/Info on each, every day this month. Get in here! THIS CLUBHOUSE IS GONNA ROCK!!! #nogoobersallowed

Inspired by my daughter's Trader Joe's 99¢ Advent Chocolate calender, I thought to look up "Advent" as a fun idea to roll out the Founding Membership drive starting today through the 31st, featuring Networks & Content to be included, as we roll them out and give-aways and goodies along the way for Tribe who come inside the clubhouse. Check out what it says underneath as example! "advent of television" LOL 

Each Day we will feature a new Network, A Give-Away or Treat -- But DAY ONE is a bigger deal!! We got a late start, with some criss-crossing time-zone team coordinating (Hey, man, it's a GLOBAL Network! Not kidding!) and bug stomping, we will count all Founding Members as DAY ONE until 11:11AM PST tomorrow, Weds. Dec. 2 because THESE GIVE-AWAYS ARE AMAAAAAAZING!! I really want to reward your faith in this dream and project for humanity and the Internet, in our seedling for a giant Oak that isn't funded by big corporations or investors who will water down and slow down innovation by over-thinking, focusing only on profit and wayyyy too many meetings. #youknowit

  1. First off, we will be drawing from Founding Memberships to win a FREE ONE YEAR P-VOLT PRIME SUBSCRIPTION. Full and free access to Global Network and Prime Content (paid Feature Films, Music, learning modules, healing sessions and more). 
  2. We will be drawing Founding Members names from Day ONE for an original "LOVE AND LIGHT ALTAR" by Robyn Davis, featuring her photography, includes magnets and reversible chalkboard/steel plate so you can light up your own images, intentions, quotes or artwork.. She'll be giving away a ONE CANDLE #natch . Founder/creator of P-Volt, she is also an artist and photographer, who designed this Altar, a modular piece of art, created from rescued wood and lit by candle, to symbolize "lighting up" the network today -- intended to bring Love and Light into any space it adorns.
  3. FOR FOUNDING MEMBER #101, ONE OF THESE AMAAAAZING DESPOSYNI JACKETS (They come in Gods or Goddess styles) -- WUUUT?? Winner gets one of these stunning original designs by Lady Muse -- read more about them HERE. Thank you to Osanna, who will be joining us on Elohssa Council and helping to build, shape and guide the Goddess Network and the Style Network on #squee HURRY, BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER NOW! YOU KNOW YOU ARE DYING FOR THIS JACKET!!