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#TurnON : : Advent Day TWO

Look behind today's door and one of today's Founding Members will get a copy of Heather Power's CD "UNDONE." Heather has the voice of an Angel and the energy to go with it. She is a vital inner-circle member of the Team and is working with the 11:11 Awakening Code Network and will be able to broadcast her own channel (so will YOU!) to create, produce and share Media that matters, that heals and uplifts. 

We need a P-Volt! A Purple/Violet/People volt of community, powerful media and technology, real organizations who are actively working to change the paradigm as we know it and who will receive support from its Private Member base (YOU AGAIN) who believes there is a better way. #TurnON RIGHT NOW! 

IT IS TIME TO #TurnON! Are you ready?? We are beginning our P-VOLT FOUNDING MEMBER ADVENT DRIVE DEC. 01 thru 31, 2015 so we can kick it in gear for 2016! We will be adding Networks and News/Info on each, every day this month. Get in here! THIS CLUBHOUSE IS GONNA ROCK!!! #nogoobersallowed

Thank you, Heather, for your Faith and for sharing the gift of your voice -- and your CD!!