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PVOLT.IT : : A Media Mothership Association


Sacred Activists, High-Vibe Media Mavens and "Lightworkers" of the world are hearing the call to broadcast their signal at this time. To light up, shine, share and connect like never before. The Gathering has begun. IT IS TIME!

You can see it and you can feel it. In music, movies, documentaries, art, poetry, channelings, personal videos, photography, and more. Classes and workshops for healing and learning and awareness are flooding the digisphere, just as they were created and held in Ancient Egypt in their heightened spiritual age. It was commonplace and we are returning again to this place of sharing and seeking and growing.

The current means of using YouTube channels and Facebook groups/pages and isolated silos of pop-up “High-Vibe Media” Broadcasters/Networks, all competing for subscription fees and eyeballs, is chaotic. These are the current channels to get it out there and getting heard/seen/supported is a tremendous effort. The need for unification and organization is clear.

What is needed now is a higher level of organization, tech and a means to better broadcast and receive this beautiful and important work — in a way that supports and serves both the broadcaster and receiver, and the community as a whole. In a larger “Network of Networks” designed to aggregate this type of content and deliver it, just as mass media does now, but as a cooperative effort vs. conglomerate control. is designed to be a "New Paradigm" Private Member Media Association that embraces what is happening now w/THE SHIFT, co-creation, new forms of community and commerce, collaboration and media. The larger vision allows for the support and funding of the independent networks to develop and broadcast their content, while also funding revolutionary social technology like Noomap and the syndication/use of existing tools and tech for education, biz/commerce, healing and humanitarian/mother earth efforts to fix this mess we’ve made here. 

The model is a “Co-op for Co-Creation” as well as a media aggregator. If we continue to try to operate alone, struggling to reach our audience, creating redundancy and not helping and sharing resources, we won’t get much farther than we are now. Banding together, we have an opportunity to create a real foothold. Because we are climbing to the Summit, where we will reach this new and Golden Age, but we must join hands and pull each other up. #LetsDOthis