KTS Sergeant/Adjutante Welcome

Welcome to the Templar Order as a valued Templar Sergeant/Adjutante! In appreciation of your kind support, we are glad to share with you key content & media links. As a Sergeant/Adjutante, you will also be included via email updates, on regular updates, launches, news and materials from The Order. Namaste & Non Nobis Domine!



A heartfelt welcome, friend, to the Templar Order!  In seeking to uphold in your life as best you can the ideals of chivalry, you have taken a courageous step. As an Adjutante (women) or Sergeant (men), you are a full member of the Templar Order and are also included via email updates, launches, news and new materials from The Order.  #TuneIN to the KTS Network Channel, which updates regularly with videos, articles and social media feed. 

As you begin your Postulant Study of the Order’s heritage, you now receive the following study materials for the first stage of your training as a Templar: 
PLEASE NOTE: Titles of Docs are links to your PDF files:

  1. The Temple Rule – Authored by the beloved patron saint of the Order, the famed St. Bernard de Clairvaux in the year 1139 AD, this is the essential and indispensable guide to the values and teachings of the Templars – the Templar way of life – for those living in a spiritual community as well as those living in the world. Carefully adapted and updated by the Grand Mastery of the Order in 2013 AD to more accurately reflect contemporary life, the Temple Rule is intended as an inspiring set of guidelines for our day to day lives.
  2. Papal Bull "Omne Datum Optimum" – Templar Sovereignty: An essential and often overlooked fact of Templar history – the original Papal Bull which recognized the ecclesiastical sovereignty and independence of the Order, with scholarly analysis and commentary by Prince Matthew of Thebes, the Grand Master of the Order.
  3. Chinon Parchment - The Chinon Parchment is the famous Pontifical decree of 1308 AD, commissioned by Pope Clement V, which is considered to have vindicated the Templar Order from all charges by the French Inquisition. It was issued as the conclusion of the examination conducted by a Pontifical Commission of three Cardinals under Papal authority, in the town of Chinon, in the Diocese of Tours, France, during 17-20 August in 1308 AD.
  4. Papal Bull "Vox in Excelso"  This is the Papal Bull which is typically claimed and widely believed to have “dissolved” or “extinguished” the Templar Order in 1312 AD. Even Knights Templar proponents describe it more softly, but still mistakenly, as having “suspended” the Order. However, the original text of the actual Bull proves that in fact it was merely “suppressed”, as a very limited and purely political move.

Subsequent material in the second and third stages of your Postulant Study will include the following:


  • The Universal Code of Chivalry
  • The 12 Pillars of the Templar Code
  • The Templar Investiture Ceremony  


  • Rules of Chivalric Regalia
  • Rules of Nobiliary Titles 
  • Secrets of Templar Symbology
  • Sacred Music of the Knights Templar

As a full member of the Order, you are now part of The Templar Network, and will receive regular updates on Templar missions and activities, as well as media content and scholarly articles.

We look forward to getting to know you personally, and to working with you in the specific areas of interest you may have in the Order’s missions and activities.

On behalf of our Grand Master, Prince Matthew of Thebes, heartfelt congratulations and welcome to the lineal continuation of the Order of the Knights Templar!

Sincerely yours,

Michael Henry Dunn
Grand Commander, KTS

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The Code of Chivalry
of 1066 AD

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The Templar Code
of 1150 AD

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