The Council

pvolt-elohssacouncil.jpg Media Mothership Council

The P-Volt Network is supported and guided by its members. Each Member Network & key media category/tech is represented on "The Elohssa Council" to participate in the shaping and guiding of the overall Global Network and in unity and co-creation with "The Mothership" of  We call these guidelines The Elohssa Covenant. Guiding the unfoldment of PVolt is our Elohssa Council - influential visionaries with networks of their own who are helping to birth the powerful new human connection that is Pvolt.


Robyn Davis, P-Volt Founder/Creator
Robyn is a Photographer and Human-focused Branding Consultant. Galvanizing her 25+ years of experience as an Advertising/Marketing Creative, 90's Tech/Internet/Social Media Pioneer and Entrepreneur, she has made it her mission to use image-based big-brand design and strategy, along with her photography, to empower socially progressive entrepreneurs and organizations on their mission toward positive social change.


Doron Kutash, Organizer/Producer, Source Network
Doron is a Co-Founder of Source Network Foundation - Open-Source, Co-Creative Planetary Paradigm Shift Platform - Social Network, Conscious Marketplace, Global Media Network, Solutions Platform for all Problems, and more. Co-Founder, One Love Experience - 24/7/365 Tour, Movement, Shifting Regions, Shifting the Planet
Contractor, The Light Party - Business Strategy and Global Marketing
Contractor, Ubuntu - Business Strategy and Global Marketing

Samara Shaw, Writer/Director/Producer, Source Network
Samara is also a Co-Founder of Source Network Foundation. A Writer, Producer, Educator, Sound Healer, Performer, and Social Entrepreneur. B.A in Educational Psychology, and Theater Arts with Masters level work in Education, Screenwriting and Playwriting. Director of SHIFT PRODUCTIONS, a Production Company Specializing in Transformational, Revolutionary, Transmedia Theater and Film.

Clifford Burley, Music & Live Event Producer, Source Network
Co-Founder of Source Network, Clifford is an experienced Music, Media and Event producer. Co-Founded Pink Panther Production 1986 in Los Angeles(SFV). Threw teenage and college themed events from SFV to Santa Barbra from 86-89.

Started Djing on Venice Beach as part of the World Famous Vita Acrobatic Troupe L. Traveled with the troupe doing NBA and NFL Halftime shows Co-Founded Permagrin Production Company, Atlanta, GA. Co-Managed the Globe Theatre, Co-Founded House Music Defined (HMD) Produced and Dj’ed Several Ongoing Nights: Hilton Head, SC, Atlanta, GA Miami Beach,FL, and Los Angeles, CA.


Albert Hall, New World Productions
Albert is the founder and president of New World Productions, is a veteran African-American actor, who attended Columbia University, graduating in 1971. His most famous film role was probably in 1979, when he played Chief Phillips in Francis Ford Coppola's award-winning Apocalypse Now. Contemporary audiences will probably recognize Hall as stern judge Seymour Walsh, a recurring guest-role, on popular TV shows Ally McBeal and The Practice, Beloved, 24, Ali and too many others to mention. As a lifelong meditator and disciple of the great yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda, Albert brings a unique balance of creative artist and grounded visionary to the PVolt community. His New World production company is positioned to be a leader in the "High Vibe Media" of the new Hollywood.


Heather Powers & Jason Michael Henson
Heather & Jason are pioneers in New Media focused on Global Awakening as Co Producers of the International 11:11 Awakening Code for the last seven years. They work internationally as producers of The Phoenix Rising Sound Healing Concerts in China with Master Teacher Yuan Miao of The New Century Foundation. Heather Powers is an award winning, internationally acknowledged, recording artist, writer and speaker. She has recorded two albums and is currently working on a third release set to come out in the Spring of 2016. She has recorded and toured with several Grammy Winning Artists. Jason Michael Henson, RScP is a Licensed Healing Practitioner in Mental Science. He is the founder of 3 different Improv Troupes in Los Angeles and is the Voice for TV shows on NBC, A&E Biography, and various commercial campaigns. He has produced over 1100 private events as a professional DJ and MC/Host all over the U.S. & Internationally. As a Divine Partnership, known as “1ove & Gratitude”, Heather and Jason design and produce intuitively guided experiences around the world that inspire, elevate and activate hearts. They create these experiences through music, written and spoken word and transformational Soul & Love Coaching. Their life purpose together is to reveal, liberate and share the Love that we are and assist others in finding and cultivating their own relationship with the Beloved Within.


Bret Warshawsky, Noomap — Imaginal Culture
Bret is Noomap’s maverick visionary intent upon participating in a new cultural story, a paradigm of co-creation and abundance for all. Bret loves to experience people and communities connecting through their dreams, resources and gifts. He sees the possibilities for collaboration and co-creation as our doorway to a loving and novel planetary culture of prosperity and spiritual philanthropy. Bret’s background in mental health campaigning, psychosocial rehabilitation and new paradigm projects give him the ‘inside story’ on what planetary healing looks like personally and collectively. Bret is also Andrea’s beloved and believe their male- female balance creates a universal, feel-good foundation for Noomap’s humanitarian vision.

Andrea Harding (Tan), Noomap — Imaginal Structures
Having played an instrumental role in designing and delivering digital management systems to the UK tourism industry across the last decade on behalf of regional and national government, Andrea is comfortable in bringing large technology innovations into form. A natural innovator, Andrea has already run three of her own businesses and has received several marketing and digital enterprise awards including a nomination by the Tourism Institute for the Queen’s Award for Industry. With a passion for living in the heart, a first class degree in Communications and skills in healing, marketing, technology, business support and development, economic regeneration and team dynamics, Andrea is excited that Noomap brings her drives in life into a singular purpose.


Michael Henry Dunn, KTS Network
is a human rights advocate, scholar, author, musician, and a globally recognized commentator on issues of human rights. He has been interviewed on multiple occasions by Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot. His advocacy for the movement to support national sovereignty embodied in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance led to his current position as Senior Editor for The Alliance Journal (, a university educational institution which serves as an academic journal, digest, news source, and debate forum, to facilitate the realization of a more free, peaceful and abundant world for all of humanity. As co-director of Justice4Humanity( he is a principal spokesman supporting The Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ), the first licensed People’s Court of Human Rights Enforcement with statutory jurisdiction and enforceability.  A leader in the movement to restore Chivalry, he serves as Grand Commander of the lineal Restoration of the original Knights Templar Order (, acting as the Order’s international spokesman.