THE ANCIENT CATHOLIC CHURCH - A Beacon of Interfaith Harmony:


The original "Non-denominational Denomination" of Ancient Catholicism, carried by the Knights Templar in the biblical Priesthood of Solomon, is now an active force in the world as a beacon of interfaith harmony.


The lineal restoration of the original Knights Templar welcomes to our ranks all those who are inspired by the ideals of chivalry, regardless of religion. And we cherish our roots in Ancient Catholicism, and the recovery by the original Templar Knights of the biblical Priesthood of Solomon and the Order of Melchizedek. That heritage has now been fully restored as The Ancient Catholic Church, which unifies the Independent Catholic Movement, containing the Liberal Catholic and Old Catholic movements recognized by the Vatican as having apostolic succession.

The core doctrines of Ancient Catholicism are in fact the unifying universal principles of all true spiritual religion, and can serve to reconcile faiths now perceived as being in conflict, while honoring the unique cultural expressions of different traditions.

You may learn more about this inspiring development at the following link at the website of the lineal restoration of the original Order of the Knights Templar:


Order & Church are SeparateThe Order of the Temple of Solomon historically carries and protects the Ancient Catholic Church, which is separate and independent. The Templar Order has its own Chivalric Constitution and Grand Mastery, and is interfaith and non-denominational with its own Mystical spirituality, while separately supporting Ancient Catholicism. Templars are not required to participate in the Church. The Church has its own Ecclesiastical Charter and Pontificate, and its Faithful and Clergy are not obligated to join the Templar Order.