The Rush Creek Meditation Sanctuary

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The Rush Creek Meditation Sanctuary
An Interfaith Center for Energetic Awakening and Sacred Activism

A Priory of the Lineally Restored Order of the Knights Templar

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The Rush Creek Meditation Sanctuary represents a unique opportunity to create a spiritual legacy of permanent impact. The astonishing story of the legal and lineal restoration of the original Order of the Knights Templar now opens upon an exhilarating new chapter. Just as the original Templars had a revolutionary impact upon the medieval world – supporting the creation of Magna Carta, sowing the seeds of reverence for the Divine Feminine through the Grail legends, and creating the beginnings of the modern banking system – the modern Templar restoration is poised to inspire the world to believe again in the Code of Chivalry and to witness its impact in advancing human rights and social justice, in encouraging direct communion of the soul with Spirit, and sponsoring the study of sacred science.

The essence of Chivalry in the modern era may be distilled to the single powerful ideal of Sacred Activism – to commune directly with the Divine, and to serve humanity from a heart aflame with love.  The Rush Creek Meditation Sanctuary is envisioned as both spiritual retreat and a training ground for Sacred Activists – for the men and women who hear the unignorable inner call to live a life of meaning and joyful service.

The modern Templar Order is already poised for major impact in human rights, as leading Templars have helped to launch the Sovereign Court of International Justice, the world’s first licensed, independent, and enforceable court of human rights.

To balance the outward Activism, a sacred center for spiritual renewal is needed – the historic first Templar Priory of the modern Restoration.


A perfectly situated 120 acre property in the Rush Creek Wilderness area of southwestern Wisconsin has become available – a jewel of a valley featuring a 2/3 acre spring-fed pond, trout stream, and 12 acres of pine forest, directly adjacent to 125 acres of a state-protected nature reserve, ensuring permanent wilderness status to the valley, which lies two miles inland from the magnificent scenery of the Mississippi River. This unique area is known as “the Driftless Region,” as it has never been touched by glaciers and the land and flora are quite ancient.

The Ascension Timeline and the Ancient Templar Science of Utilizing the Power of Earth’s hidden sacred energies

Legends abound in the modern era regarding secret Templar technologies: Did they know the secrets of alchemy?  Had they found the Philosopher’s Stone?  Did they protect the Holy Grail?

The modern Templar Order is an open and public institution, wherein Templar knowledge is not secret. Each newly restored thread of ancient sacred science is made freely available to sincere seekers.  The most ancient Templar technology certainly involved the study of how to utilize the natural energetic flow along the grid lines of our planet to empower the upliftment of humanity toward our ultimate Divine Destiny – conscious union with the Source of All Life, also called “Ascension.” By a remarkable coincidence, the Rush Creek Sanctuary is situated precisely upon a “hinge” of these sacred energies, which has been analyzed by senior Templars trained in this science. They were astonished to conclude that the “Rush Creek Resh” is situated precisely to function as the hinge for a planet-wide Shamir system, “making this pole one of the most powerful on the planet.”

Interlinked with planet-wide energy systems aligned with sacred Templar sites such as Rosslyn Chapel and Chartres Cathedral, the Rush Creek Sanctuary is a perfect location for a “New Rosslyn Chapel” which can serve for centuries to come as a spiritual magnet and energetic amplifier for sincere seekers.

Templar location for the North American continent…and the potential site for a “New Rosslyn”

This enchanting valley has been in the family of Templar Grand Commander, Michael Henry Dunn, for fifty years, and is soon to go on the market.  A window exists in which this extraordinary site may be acquired by the Templar Order before a competitive auction takes place in the near future (possibly as soon as July, 2016). 


The Immediate Goal – a perfectly situated home for the Templar Priory of the Ark of Ascension.

Upon acquisition of the property, the existing charming farmhouse would immediately function as the home of the Priory while longer-term plans are implemented for development of the Sanctuary.  The Priory’s spiritual leader, Rev. William Buehler (U.S. Navy Commander, Retired), Prioress Edie Cooper, and Michael Henry Dunn would be permanent residents of the Sanctuary, coordinating spiritual gatherings and managing the property. Retreats and conferences on a small scale could begin immediately, as the site has in fact long hosted such gatherings during the Dunn Family’s 50-year history in the valley.

The story of the land…


“Never touched by glaciers, the Driftless Wisconsin Area is characterized by its beautifully sculpted topography. Forested hillsides reach down to valleys cut into limestone bedrock by cold-water trout streams. Forests, prairie remnants, wetlands, and grasslands provide habitat for wildflowers and wildlife. Land is farmed by the descendants of those who first settled here, by the Amish who adopted the area, and by a new breed of organic farmer. Artists, who need look no further than their own backyard for inspiration, create works of infinite variety.” (Driftless Wisconsin.com)

A family lineage of healing and spiritual seeking…

Dr. Paul J. Dunn

Dr. Paul J. Dunn

Kathryn Dooley Dunn

Kathryn Dooley Dunn

This beautiful site has been in the family of Michael Henry Dunn since 1964 when his father, Dr. Paul J. Dunn, M.D., a pioneering holistic pediatrician, and his wife and partner, Kathryn Dooley Dunn, acquired the property (then a working dairy farm), as a vacation home for his family of ten children. Dedicated caretakers of the land, Paul and Kathryn created a 12-acre Forestry Field on the ridge behind the house, planting pine and walnut trees, which have now matured into a beautiful forest. A natural spring, near the site of an old mill, was dug out to create a pristine two-thirds of an acre pond, with overflow emptying into the nearby trout stream.

Leading figures in their Roman Catholic community in Oak Park, Illinois, over the years the Dunns held informal gatherings of spiritual seekers in the valley, training with famed visionary anthropologist and metaphysician, Dr. Jean Houston, in exploring mystery school teachings of various faith traditions.

The Long-Term Vision – A Retreat Center and Sanctuary for the Ages:
A 10-bedroom lodge and conference center 


6 private retreat cabins on a secluded forest trail     

And a unique Templar-inspired chapel in the tradition of Rosslyn…

Founding Director of the rush creek sanctuary – Michael Henry Dunn

Grand Commander of the Knights Templar
Right Honourable (Rt. Hon.)
Viscount Michael Henry Dunn, Ph.D., M.P.

Michael Henry Dunn trained at The Julliard School of theater arts (1980), and holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communications and Psychology (1989), Master of Arts (M.A.) in Psychology of Religious Studies (1993), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Comparative Religion (2003). He is a human rights advocate, scholar, and author. As a recognized authority on Renaissance literature, he has lectured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe.

He is an Adjunct Professor of History and Comparative Religion at Ignita Veritas University, a United Nations level Inter-governmental Organization (IGO). He also develops research in geopolitics and civil rights, in cooperation with NGO institutions of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance of independent countries promoting international law and human rights.

As a leader in the Interfaith Movement, he participated in several major events of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, including the Conference on the Divine Feminine at Assisi in Italy, the founding meeting of the American Contemplative Alliance in Maryland, and a gathering of global interfaith leaders during the United Nations Conference in Copenhagen in 2009.

He was initiated into the Kriya Yoga path of Paramahansa Yogananda by the Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) in 1990, serving for 22 years contributing to the spiritual community of the Fellowship, leading meditation and chanting practices.

He is a classically trained actor with a 15 year career in arts and theater. As a musician and composer, he has recorded two highly acclaimed albums of devotional chanting in the Kirtan Yoga tradition of India, and was invited by The Episcopal Cathedral of Los Angeles as an official participant in the historic Hindu-Anglican Reconciliation Mass in 2007.

Viscount Michael Henry Dunn earned and was awarded official legalized European nobility peerage as a Viscount, under juridical Fons Honourum authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon. He was elected and installed as Grand Commander for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law, thus serving in the upper house of Parliament in the government, as Chairman of the Grand Mastery.

The Lineal Restoration of the Original Knights Templar Order

The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon is the direct lineal continuation of the 12th century historical institution of the original Knights Templar from 1118 AD.  The modern Templar Order has been legally and canonically restored to the full depth and substance of its ancient and medieval heritage, and to its original legitimacy as a chivalric, nobiliary and ecclesiastical institution. The facts of this Restoration, and the historical, doctrinal and legal continuity of the Order, are presented in full detail at the Order’s website (www.knightstemplarorder.org). Complete and verifiable evidence is provided publicly, contained in the extensive footnotes of authoritative academic source references.


The Templar heritage of service to Spirit and humanity extends far back beyond the well-known medieval Order of Chivalry. Rooted in the ancient pre-Christian Order of Melchizedek of which Jesus spoke, the Templars are inheritors of the guardian-priest role of the Djedhi priesthood of ancient Egypt. 

The modern Restoration of the Order adheres to that legacy, focusing on the core values of chivalry – direct communion with the Divine, defending the oppressed against tyranny, and the preservation of sacred knowledge. The modern incarnations of those missions are now well underway, expressed in three institutions of historic impact which have been spearheaded by leading Templars of the restored Order:

Ignita Veritas University: www.iv-university.org

The Sovereign Court of International Justice:  http://www.iv-university.org/sovereign-court/

The Ancient Catholic Church:  http://www.knightstemplarorder.org/ancient-catholic-church/

The Priory of the Ark of Ascension represents perhaps the most ancient and powerfulTemplar heritage – the study and reverent utilization of the sacred lines of energy innate in the Shamir Grids of our mother Earth. As the first Priory of the Restored Templar Order, the Priory of the Ark serves as a model for the coming growth of the “New” Templars.


The leadership of the Order is embodied in the council of the Grand Mastery of the government of the Templar Order as a nation-state subject of international law.  Led by Grand Master, Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes, the Templar Order also exercises its full sovereignty in international diplomacy, represented by Foreign Minister, H.R.H., Ambassador Judge Dr. Percy Tamayo, Royal Grand Vizier of East Java. Biographies of these two highly distinguished servants of humanity may be found on the Templar Government page.

Donations to all Templar Missions are fully tax-deductible through the Temple of Solomon Foundation. Please contact Michael Henry Dunn at knightstemplarofficial@gmail.com.

Funding Goals


  • Immediate Acquisition of Rush Creek site - market estimate $500,000
  • Necessary repairs to residence, including remodeling of lower level, and repairs to roof - $150,000
  • Restoration of supporting banks of Spring-Fed Pond - $50,000
  • Annual stipends for fiscal year 2016-2017 to directors and founder of $45,000 each: $135,000
  • Construction of storage shed/garage and purchase of utility vehicles (snowplow, tractor mower): $60,000
  • Insurance Costs - $50,000

TOTAL - $945,000


  • Commission architectural designs of Main Building and Forest Chapel - $100,000
  • Fundraising Consultant & Campaign - $35,000
  • Expenses (including insurance) - $100,000

TOTAL - $235,000


  • Construction of Main Building - $900,000
  • Construction of Forest Chapel in sacred architecture - $1,500,000
  • Construction of 6 Rustic Retreat Cabins - $300,000
  • Expenses - $100,000

TOTAL - $2,800,000

Sum Total of Funding Goals:


Advisory Board*

Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes, Grand Master, KTS 

Rev. William Buehler. U.S. Navy commander, (ret.), spiritual director of the priory of the ark of ascension

Professor Ivor Francis, Ph.D., grand chaplain, KTS

Professor Diane Cantwell, Ph.d., Grand Chancellor, KTS

*Regional Economic Development, Business Leaders and Spiritual Retreat Expertise currently in consideration and TBD



  • Acquire the Rush Creek property – or similar property in the region if necessary
  • Immediately schedule workshops and retreats on a small scale at the existing farmhouse while construction begins on the main Conference Center building to house as many as 20 guests, with full kitchen, dining area, and yoga/meeting/meditation rooms
  • Commission Sacred Architecture design of signature landmark Forest Chapel as a spiritual magnet for the entire region


  • Complete construction of 6 Personal Retreat Cabins
  • Complete main Conference Center and expand operations
  • Launch fundraising campaign for completion of Forest Chapel


  • Fulfillment of funding goals for permanent endowment of the Sanctuary and Retreat, predicated on an estimated annual budget of $1 million.
  • Consecration of the completed Forest Chapel
  • Year-round self-sustaining operation in place

For further information please contact Michael Henry Dunn at knightsemplarofficial@gmail.com to arrange a call or meeting for your review and questions.